Sew Studio COVID-19 Response

Manufacturing Face Masks for Those in Need

Here’s what we’re doing to support our local community and those across the nation:

  • We’ve started manufacturing general-use face masks by request. Please note, these masks are not surgical masks.
  • We’ve requested fast-track FDA approval to make medical supplies, such as surgical masks and gowns. In the meantime, we have FDA guidance about their policies and how we can make these items within regulations
  • We’re working to fulfill requests for general-use face masks and will start manufacturing medical supplies once authorized.

Continuing to Operate in a Downturn

To take care of our staff and those in need, Sew Studio is covering all staff pay so we can continue to operate and donate masks. But we can only keep our operations going with outside support.

We have amazing clients and brands that have donated fabrics, elastics, and other items needed to fulfill the requests we’ve received.